About Us

About Us -

Who We Are

Being a sole proprietor or a CEO of a small business isn't easy. Especially as you start out, you are on your own for everything from production to marketing, human relations to IT. That's why at Master Accounting & Tax Professionals, we give you options for accounting, bookkeeping, and even payroll help. As your business grows, your needs change and we can change with you.

When you have Master Accounting & Tax Professionals on your team, we become your office go-to for accounting and bookkeeping. Our job is to make your finances easy so that you can focus on building the business and doing what you love rather than fighting with software and filing quarterly returns.

By giving you options in submitting your documentation and receipts, you're in control of the way your books get done. Free yourself from the burdens of accounting and let us handle it. You can spend your time doing those things you are passionate about and that help grow your business.

We Bring the Office to You

We offer three ways for our clients in the Detroit area to get us their information:

  • Scan and upload the documents to a secure, encrypted cyber "cabinet"

  • Mail your receipts and documents in a prepaid envelope

  • Have documents and receipts picked up on a weekly basis

Giving Back

We're passionate about giving back in a meaningful way, which is why we donate 30% of our profits to support ReachOut International. This private foundation supports other organizations that work with victims of domestic violence.